Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Deep the Father's Love for Us.

Okay, my last post was kinda depressing. God heard my pleas and prayers and answered them with truly an amazing gift! I am pregnant! 5 months ago I lost a baby to a miscarriage. My heart was broken, but I continued to trust in Jesus, knowing that He still cares for me. I am just so thankful and so thrilled to be pregnant again! I will always miss the little one that I lost. I will never forget my little River, but God has given us another chance. Children are a gift from the Lord. I have 4 amazing gifts. Lacey (5), Simon (2.5), River (in heaven), and this tiny baby growing inside me right now. Lord, I pray that you would protect this baby from all harm, and that he/she would growing and be healthy and strong. I don't want to lose this one dear Father. I trust You. You are the only one that can truly keep anyone safe. Please protect this little life, and help it to grow up and live to a ripe old age!

I am so excited! My husband and I already picked out names! Jon is so excited too! He has been longing for another child just as I have. It warms my heart to see how excited he is. He's been so sweet too! This evening I had a terrible chocolate and coffee craving, so he went to starbucks and got me a decaf coffee and a brownie! I really need to watch what I eat though....I'm glad because I got back down to my pre-Simon weight. That was what I hoped to do before getting pregnant again. God, You are SO good! I don't deserve this. On my knees I praise and thank You for Your everlasting love and kindness. Great is the Lord and worthy to be praised!!!!