Monday, May 24, 2010

Introduction to the blogging world

This is a blog that will basically be comprised of my thoughts, comings and goings, and creations. I've thought for awhile about starting a blog, and believe it or not, the thing stopping me was the title. I couldn't think of one that wouldn't be completely cheesy, and would also be specifically me (yes, I know I just called myself cheesy). I was talking with Jon the other day, and he was saying how I am his little 'free spirit.' I told him yes, but not crazy free spirit. I'm a Guided free spirit! Then it hit me. I could use that for a blog title. Sweet! Next, I had to find the time to create one...well, obviously, I found time. This post will be mostly mindless, as I am carrying on a conversation with my 4 year old, while attempting to write, and also tinkering with an occasional toy that my 20 month old brings to me.

I have a lot of thoughts, opinions, and some solutions that I want to share to those who want to listen. If you don't like what I write about, then please go away. You can read someone else's blog that tickles your ears...eyes...whatever.

Since this post is mostly nonsense, I will now end it. I hope to find times in the evenings when kids are sleeping to be able to write.

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