Wednesday, March 19, 2014

prompted by poetry

It is the dirt beneath my feet
where the rocks and soil meet

Staring down, wanting peace
sound and pain and fear increase

rhythms STRONG, patterns Bold
breaking thoughts I tried to hold

Shifting heart, balance strands,
words the map to peaceful lands.

This is because of  Story Sessions, more specifically, the 40 days of art journaling that I am taking part of within story sessions. I drew the word Poetry today out of a bunch of words that we were given as prompts for each day. We were also encouraged to take a walk and see where the word we had drawn would take us. #ssartjournal


Jamie said...

Sigh... I just love your art. And your poetry, too. Please keep sharing it because I can never get enough of the beauty.

Grace said...

That means so much to me. So Much.

Juliet said...

'words the map to peaceful lands'
This is such a hauntingly hopeful image. There is a conviction that there exists a way through suffering and pain. Not necessarily an easy way but one which you are determined to follow. It's beautiful.