Sunday, July 6, 2014

Speaking My Peace

A few months ago I wrote a post about finding my true name, and what that meant to me. I then proceeded to change my name on all my social media outlets to send the message to everyone I know that I have indeed, changed my name. It didn’t catch. There were a few friends (including my immediate family)  that were faithful in using my new name, but I think the problem was that most people did not take me seriously. In a few worst cases, it may have been that people wanted to control me. To make sure that I stayed the same. To cling to who they thought I should be, rather than who I really am. Which brings me to the point of this post. Why do we want control over anyone other than ourselves?

Think about it. If someone disagrees with you on an issue that is close to your heart, depending on your personality you probably try to convince them to see things your way. If they refuse, you are sad or even angry. You want control over their opinions, because obviously if it is different than yours, it must be wrong. I have been guilty of this. I am also aware of it, and each time it happens, I stop myself, and realize that I am talking to another human being, who is no less important than myself. And I give them my respect. Or at least try to. There are a few people I have a very hard time respecting, because they emotionally abuse those closest to them, while maintaining a pleasant reputation with the rest of the world. I do not respect people like that, but I did give them a chance.

What we need to do is realize that there is room for everyone. No one has to be crowded out or walked upon. There is room for each person to stand upright and walk shoulder to shoulder. There is room for different beliefs and religions. There is room for those with no religion. There is room for everyone. Except those who think abuse is ok, and participate in it willingly. I’m not making room for those people, because in doing so I would be making room for them to continue abusing their fellow human.

Let’s be free. Let’s choose freedom for ourselves. I’m standing up, and I will always be myself. I believe the unconditional love that my parents poured into me is one of the reasons I have the strength to dig deep inside my core, and with eyes wide open, see who I really am. I think that when we stop hiding things from ourselves, and become fully honest with who we are and where we are, then we have uncovered the secret strength to a calm, inner peace.


Marvia Davidson said...

Go you!!!

Evangeline said...

thank you, Marvia!

Anonymous said...

'There is room for everyone. ' If only we all took that simple statement seriously! Shared the land, the food, all resources instead of hoarding from fear. And then tackled the harder challenge of letting each of us be truly ourselves. All credit to you for seeks ng your truth and claiming it with such courage and generosity.

Evangeline said...

omg thank you! Thank you for seeing.