Saturday, August 24, 2013

Starting Again

It's been awhile since I really sat down and wrote in my blog. Actually wrote. About things that really matter to me, or just things about me. I'm gonna reintroduce myself because I'm not the same girl who started this blog. I still am very similar, but I've changed a lot. Things have happened to me, I've happened to things...yeah. It's life. Keeps on going and pulling you with it. Here goes:

Hi. Welcome. My name is grace Nathan. I'm 5'8" tall, have red hair and a smattering of freckles because it's nearing the end of the summer, and I don't tan very well. I freckle. I'm almost in my last year of being twenty-something, and I'm not gonna lie, that scares me. I consider myself a kind person, but if you mess with me or mine, you're goin' down. I do have a redhead's temper, and I'm not afraid to use it. I believe that the greatest power is Love. Love made me. Love made my family. Love makes the flowers grow, not just rain (take that, Eponine).  Relationships are very important to me. I've been married to my partner for over 9 years now. He's a man and I'm a woman. I didn't say husband and wife because I really want to convey that we are partners. We married because we are best friends who wanted to partner up in this life so we would never have to go through anything alone. We've had times of trying to control each other, and times of trying to submit to each other, but all in all nothing describes us better than partners. We are equal. He's a wonderful man. I've never had to fight to be heard. The thing that first attracted me to him was his kindness and caring to everyone around him. You don't meet people like that everyday. We have 3 kids who are constantly teaching us how to be parents as they seem to come up with a new curveball to toss at us every other day. I wouldn't trade them for anything. My heart never ceases to melt when they call me "mommy." Because for right now, for these few short years, I'm the center of their lives, and I will protect and nurture with all my strength.

And now there's this; I think I'm a very open-minded person. I could be wrong, because I think my world is small right now. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions that are new (within the past 5 years) to me and I know I can be used to help bring more Love into this world. I see doors opening up and new things are about to happen. I think maybe they've been happening and I've really only just begun to notice. Sometimes I get so caught up in the blur of everyday life, that I forget about that huge world out there. A world full of pain, sorrow, courage, healing, hate, and Love. I'm a part of that world whether I think I can choose to be or not. I can shut it out (and sometimes I need to so I can refocus), and I can let it in, or rather, let myself out. There is much to be done, so here I am. grace. Oh yeah, one more thing. I think capital G's are ugly. They're fine for random words, but I don't like to use them for my name. I prefer a nice lower case little squiggly g. grace.


Jamie said...

This is most wonderful, awesome, inspiring, and I'm so excited I'm like a sugared up kid bouncing around at a sleepover! Love that you are writing; and it is beautiful. Beautiful you!

Grace said...

Thanks! You're an inspiration and your confirmation means so much!

treemusicmama said...

Lol, little squiggly g! Love this. And I love that you posted on my birthday :-) Hugs, my lovely sister!

Gayl said...

So glad you are writing in your blog again!