Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grey SKies, Flat Earth.

Grey skies, flat earth.

Listening,  stirring,  restless. 

Strength to change,

Knowledge to gain,

Hearts beating faster.

Voices loud, singing crowd.

Needing, lifting, trying.

Faces to know,

Hands to hold,

Consuming depths remaking.

Ocean hills, colors heather.

Yearning,  reaching, grasping. 

Plans are made, 

Steps to take, 

Unhindered spirits flying.


Gayl said...

Grace, that is beautiful! Short yet so deep! I loved it! And I love you!

Jamie said...

I'm flying with you! Love this. It's beautiful, and sings loud of the freedom we all crave.

Grace said...

Wow, I'm glad you both loved it! I was experimenting with poetry...wasn't sure if I could be a poet, but I think there's potential!

Sati Glenn said...

This is beautiful.I needed this. Thank you for brightening my dreary morning <3

Sara said...

Can't believe I've missed so many of your wonderful posts. Where have I been? Lovely poetry, full of hope and the goodness that is happening in communities everywhere. I hope to come visit soon!

Grace said...

Sati, I'm glad it brightened your morning :)

Sara, thanks! I love what you said about it.