Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life is Changing

Several weeks ago Jon and I heard about a missions opportunity that really inspired us. I'm not going to share the details yet (mostly because there are a lot I need to find out still), but we were both very excited and felt that God was pulling us in that direction. As we talked about it being a possibility, Jon voiced some concerns. We have a fair amount of debt, what with student loans, house payments, car payments, ect. How would we be able to go on the mission field since we have to pay so much a month toward those debts? We both agreed to continue praying, and that if this is what God wanted us to pursue, then He would make it happen.
Three days later, Jon was contacted by a contracting agency, and they had matched him up with a job in Florida. Then next day Jon had an interview on skype, and then the day after that he was offered the job. We had agreed that if he was offered the job then he should take it, because the pay would be so much more than he was making at the time, and that would allow us to pay off our debts so much faster, hence moving along the road to missions. They wanted him to start in two weeks. Those couple weeks were extremely busy, filled with packing and cramming in as many last-minute get-togethers with friends as we could!
We are now in Florida, living with Jon's parents until our house in SC sells. The day after we moved here poor Simon came down with the stomach bug, and has had it ever since! We are praying for his recovery. He is staying hydrated with lots of breastfeeding (ouchie), water, and juice, but he's not too happy because he doesn't feel good. Lacey has been very well behaved and sweet. She has her difficult moments, but overall she's such a big help, and so full of love for everyone. Jon is adjusting pretty well to his new job, although he was out today because he succumbed to the bug.... Daisy-the-dog realizes that this is our current residence, because she has taken up the role of guard dog for the house. She never barked at anyone when we just visited here, but she's smart, and knows that we live here now.
This has been a huge change, leaving our comfortable house and living with someone else along with being in a semi-new (I have visited family in FL often all my life, so I have a lot of memories here) area. It was so hard leaving so many good friends in SC. I didn't realize how many friends I had there until I had to leave. I'm thankful for facebook, but it's not the same. It's also challenging here because I have to locate resources for more natural foods, along with just finding my way around. I am enjoying the sunny warm weather though! Today I finally got out and went to Publix, and was amused to see so many people dressed in winter coats and hooded sweatshirts. It felt quite warm to me. I'm looking forward to even warmer weather though, when we can play at the beach!
All in all, this isn't where I would have chosen to live, but I know that God wants us here, and I am content in that. Through all of these changes I continue clinging to my Saviour, and I feel safe and secure.
That was my news update. Maybe later I'll get a chance to write down my actual feelings and rambling ponderings on all of this.

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