Sunday, December 8, 2013

32 Random Things About Me

1.My eyes have been described as 'riverdance eyes.'
2.I have anger issues (redhead).
3.My dog's name is Daisy. She's a boxer/english bulldog mix, and I'm pretty sure she'd give her life for me.
4.Horses are amazing.
5.Kevin Max is my favorite singer of all time. I will follow his voice anywhere, even to the Audio Adrenaline box he's in right now, even though I don't usually listen to christian music.
6.I got married at age 19.
7.I love to crochet, sew, paint, draw, build things with wood, create things out of clay, and once in a while...bake.
8.I'm growing my hair out because I miss having long hair, but I will probably chop it off before I get it as long as I planned.
9.I started learning how to ride a motorcycle, and even got my permit. The permit expired before I got a chance to really learn how.
10.I quit college because I felt trapped. I needed to be free.
11.I love the ocean so much.
12.I always have wanderlust.
13. I'm pretty sure I was born into the wrong story, because I really belong in Middle Earth, living among the trees as an elfmaid warrior.
14. I'm a gamer chick. I especially love World of Warcraft but have given it up temporarily.
15. I usually feel like I'm not a good enough mom to my kids, even though they love me like crazy.
16. I love my kids more than anything and am pretty sure they are the reason I am still here.
17. My partner and sisters are my best friends.
18. When I hang out with my brothers we watch anime together and drink coffee.
19. I married my best friend. He's my partner. We are equals.
20. When I was a kid I would climb trees almost to the top and imagine I could soar off into the sky. I loved that I could climb higher than my sisters because I was smaller.
21. When I was 12 my family moved from NJ to SC. Aside from my friends, I missed climbing trees and playing in the snow the most.
22. I'm 5ft.8in tall. I wanted to grow to 6ft when I was a kid.
23. I gave birth to 3 kids at a birth center in greemville, sc. All 3 were amazing and empowering experiences. 24. I don't believe in vaccinating, but I don't judge you if you do. Just be informed.
25. I regularly go to the chiropractor. If I skip a month I get dreadful headaches.
26. I never let anyone ever have authority over me.
27. pizza and beer are the best combination of all time.
28. I have long feet. Size 9.
29. I love fashion, and dream of one day opening my own shop called 'Wintergreen'. It would have a variety of things that you can't find just anywhere. Cloaks, corsets, leather boots (think elven), wooden bows and arrows, medieval ball gowns, medieval men's suits as well. Also some steampunk stuff. Think goth mary poppins.
30. Panera is my favorite place. I have a song about that.
31. I want to live within bike-riding distance to the beach, and be kind of a beach bum, riding my bike to the grocery store, to my yoga class, to visit car would be a last resort. Or for long trips.
32. I've been to at least 20 different states this year.

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Jamie said...

#29 is awesome! Why not get started now?