Thursday, December 5, 2013

Would it Be Okay?

Would it be okay,
 For just one day,
To not get out of bed today?

Would it be alright,
 For just one night,
To sleep in peace and rest tonight?

Would it be wise,
 To close my eyes,
And shut out all the pain and lies.

I beg for help,
 But they don't know.
My desperation doesn't show.

I hate this girl,
So thin and bleak.
Useless, ugly, hurt, and weak.


Jamie said...

"I beg for help,
But they don't know.
My desperation doesn't show."

I am so right there with you! Thanks for expressing it so well.

Gayl said...

Oh my sweet girls. Hugs to you! You are both very beautiful. Don't you ever believe the lies that whisper otherwise. Far from useless you have so many who love you. As for weakness and hurt - run to Jesus! I love you both soooo much!

treemusicmama said...

I feel like anything I say will be useless. Thanks for being so raw. You are real and fierce and powerful. Those other things? They are lies, and you've believed them for a long time. And it's no wonder with them screaming in your head every day. I can only believe with all my heart that we are not alone and there is a bigger force who fights for us with a strength to be reckoned with.